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Jineth Bedoya Lima: “We are not going to rest until we have justice and truth for all the victims of the conflict in Colombia”
Yesterday, 7th October, on the day we remembered Anna Politkovskaya’s murder 10 years ago, Jineth Bedoya Lima (COLOMBIA) won 2016 RAW in WAR ANNA POLITKOVSKAYA AWARD, as President Juan Manuel Santos of COLOMBIA RECEIVED THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE

Today, 8th October, speaking on the phone from a street demonstration in Colombia to demand the peace deal be saved, Jineth Bedoya Lima said:


“The two awards that were announced yesterday in Colombia - Nobel Peace Prize for president Santos and Anna Politkovskaya Award to me sends a very clear message from the world to Colombia that we have to end this war of more than 52 years, but also that we commit to continue working for the people who have been victims during the conflict.


It is a very clear message to tell the victims and survivors of sexual violence that we are not going to rest until we have justice and truth for them and for all the victims of the conflict in Colombia. But also it is a light of hope for the women who have believed that through word and voice you can visualize and change the reality and this is what I have been trying to do all these years.


These are timely awards in the midst of the difficult situation that we are living in Colombia.”

Press Release: Jineth Bedoya Lima is the winner of the 2016 Anna Politkovskaya Award ENGLISH



El Tiempo announces Jineth Bedoya Lima winner of the Anna Politkovskya Award in Columbia today PDF E-mail
Novaya Gazeta announces the Anna Politkovskya Award in Moscow today PDF E-mail

Letters to Anna from 2016 Award Winners: Jineth Bedoya (Colombia) & Valentina Cherevatenko (Russia) PDF E-mail
Today on the 7th October we remeber Anna Politkovskya 10 years after her murder with two personal letters from Jineth in Columbia and Valentina in Russia.Like Anna these two brave women are speaking out against human rights violations in their countries at a risk to their own lives.

Dear Anna:
Since the day of my abduction I have spent many a sleepless night crying in the darkness all alone.  Each time depression knocks on my door I think how lucky I am to be still alive; how fortunate I am that the 9-mm gun, pointed at my temple for many hours, was never fired...(Continue reading here)
Dear Anna,
It so happened that while working in the same region of the North Caucasus we often met at different events, bumped into each other in its airports, towns and villages. Our paths crossed and parted and each time we would say that we should get together and talk, properly, not in a rush. But we never got to do that. I still have your Moscow address and telephone number in one of my old notebooks, written by you, in your handwriting. 
Whenever I had a chance to have a proper chat and I never got to say this to you…(Continue reading here)
RAW in WAR announces 2016 Anna Politkovskaya Award Winner and Special Award PDF E-mail



RAW in WAR are excited to announce the winner of this year’s Anna Politkovskaya Award as a Special Award to commemorate 10 years since Anna’s murder.


Jineth Bedoya





We celebrate the work of Jineth Bedoya – a brave Colombian journalist and human rights defender, for her fearless reporting of the atrocities against civilians during the armed conflict and the corruption, which has resulted from the 52 years of conflict in Colombia. She has also spoken out and campaigned against violence towards women despite great risks to herself.


For me, as a Colombian, a journalist and a survivor of war in my country, there could be no greater honour than to reclaim the fight - both professional and personal - that Anna fought, for truth in her country and for those who believed in her work.”

Valentina Cherevatenko






We also honour Valentina Cherevatenko, a courageous Russian human rights and peace activist who is dedicated to supporting civilians whose lives continue to be affected by violence in the North Caucasus, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine.  Through her organisations, Valentina works with those, who suffer the psychological damage induced by conflict and violence in the region, despite the risk to herself and her organization.


“Being awarded the Anna Politkovskaya prize is a great honour, too. It puts many years of my peace building work and “Women of the Don’s work, as a whole, on the par with what Anna did, what she fought for and what she died for...”


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